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Why Should I Label?

Picture yourself in a supermarket, surrounded by products. Look around and ask yourself why certain products stand out more than others? What draws you to that particular bottle of sauce or bar of soap?

Although the label on a packet or container generally has little functional role in terms of product usage or protection, it is of vital importance. The label is invariably the first thing a purchaser will see on your product and is therefore the primary point of contact between the producer and the purchaser. Product labels should be thought of as an integral part of the producer's marketing plan. It is not just a piece of paper stuck onto the container, but should be an expression of a number of important decisions that have been made about marketing.

Quality labels are not just for large producers but should be used by small enterprises as well. If producers have confidence in their products, that confidence should show through at the selling point.

Labels have several important roles. They can persuade the buyer to purchase without trying, tasting or smelling the product. They should clearly inform the customer about the product, it's contents and directions for use. It can also inform the customer about the shelf-life or use by date, and/or storage requirements. It is best to check with local authorities for the current legal requirements for the labelling of specific products. Government rules can be very confusing but if you put the following on your labels, you won't go far wrong - Product name & description, manufacturers street address and phone number, list of ingredients, volume, nutrition table, expiry date (if perishable) and country of origin.

When creating a label for your product there are a few important steps to remember. Firstly decide the message you want to convey to your customer. What will make your product stand out from the rest? Think about colour, and eye catching graphics to attract the customer in the 2-3 seconds they look at your product as they browse down the aisles. The correct use of text fonts is extremely important, don't be afraid of trying something different, there are thousands of unique fonts available. Have you thought about shape? try an unusual shape or size of the label. Also consider a different material, clear labels which give a no label look can be very striking. At Magnascan, we can offer a range of options to suit your budget, and we can help you produce a winning label from conception through to final production.