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We will be closing on the 23rd of December for our annual Christmas break, last orders for regular post must be placed before 12th November, expess post orders by the 26th of November and Jump the Queue order by the 10th December *orders will be dispatched before closure but current COVID-19 delivery limitations may impact your delivery. You are welcome to place orders online while we are closed, however please be aware that they will not be processed until our return on the 17th of January! Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!!
PLEASE NOTE: For orders of our Resin Domed decals, due to the production time of the doming process, orders placed after the 14th of December will not be shipped until our return on the 17th of January. If you are concerned about delivery times, please contact us prior to ordering.
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About Our Quality

magnifying glass 541625 1280At Magnascan, we aim to produce only premium quality products. We purchase the best machinery for each of our printing processes, and make sure we use only top quality papers and inks. In most cases the original equipment manufacturers brand of ink is the best suited to their machine, and usually give the best quality results. Sometimes they are not the most economical to buy but, we feel giving that giving our customers the best quality result we can actually works out best for all in the long run.

Getting the best results in not just down to buying quality material, we also have very strict quality control and always calibrate to international printing standards, so you can be assured that your file is printed accurately.