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Top sticker without white ink, bottom sticker printed same colour with white ink.

White ink

At Magnascan, we can now print with white ink onto clear vinyl sticker material.
Printing with white ink has traditionally been a difficult feat, but with the latest digital presses, we can now print various styles of white ink onto any size or shape of clear vinyl. We can use the white ink as a base ink on clear material to give graphics and text more strength without sacrificing the clear media effect. The improvement in visibility of your clear sticker colours is really dramatic, allowing your sticker content to be easily read no matter what coloured surface the sticker is applied to! Gone are the days of normal, hard to read, weak colour inks on your clear sticker jobs!

We can also print a solid, opaque white ink as a single colour onto clear vinyl for that "printed straight on" effect. Our clear self-adhesive material virtually disappears when applied and leaves the white ink showing as though it is printed directly onto the surface. White ink on a dark surface really stands out and looks very unique, giving your product a touch of class and quality. We can print white ink on clear labels in small runs, giving you that option to label your product with stickers that would be otherwise out of reach.

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